Indonesian government start to build a centralized data center

indonesia build an integrated national data center

Indonesia is a large country which has a population of 250 million people and the democratic development dynamically increased the demand of public transparency more higher. An integrated national data center for multi department needed by Indonesian government. Indonesia Data Center and Disaster Recovery Center as a strategic infrastructure in the implementation of electronic-based government (e-govt). But in practice, both the DC and DRC that have been constructed by various government agencies at this time with a variety of diverse levels of quality and safety, creating a system that is not integrated. As a result, inefficient use of the budget as well as coupled systems and applications built by the government walk on their own are not integrated with each … Continue reading

Adding and Update Content for SEO

We might have been so far assume that SEO is difficult to understand, when in fact it is how we facilitate the search engine crawlers and search engines provide relevant benefits. Well, now we describe the technique measures can add content or updating content. Onsite SEO 1. Make sure your Meta Title relation to the content, and do the analysis, via Google External Keyword Tool. Character number in meta title should last no more than 70 to 90 characters. 2. Use proper grammar and correct for the description or content. 3. Give the bold text for emphasis or browse content from the core as a whole 4. Give internal linking for easy navigation and understanding of the readers or visitors … Continue reading

A Trip to Pulau Tidung at Thousand Islands

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Pulau Tidung Located in Thousand Island, Jakarta (Pulau Seribu). Rich of Aquatic Fish, so you can enjoying snorkeling beneath. How to go There ? From main Jakarta City, you can go to Marina Beach (Ancol) for Boat or to Muara Angke (Fish Market) to take regular boat (more suitable for backpackers). If you go there by boat with 5 to 10 knots speed then it will be 45 minutes to get there, for regular boat it takes 2.5 hours but with cheaper price as much Rp. 33.000 (US$ 3.5). Activities at Pulau Tidung It’s just regular activity such banana boat, snorkeling, bicycling, swimming at the beach, sun bath, etc. In Pulau Tidung you may take a walk on a long … Continue reading

Easiest Way to Get Back Link


Social Bookmarking Social bookmarking is the easiest way to get backlinks to your website. Social Bookmarking websites are basically sites that categorize and store bookmark links. You will specify some keywords (we call it TAGS) which categorize your bookmark. You only need to write a title, a short description and some tags for your bookmark. Your title will become the backlink to your website. Depending on the bookmarking site, the title “How to potty train a puppy” will most likely become a backlink to your website. If not, your domain name will be used as a backlink to your website. If you notice, most of the bookmarks are from the same site. Some social bookmarking sites owners dislike what we … Continue reading